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We believe in creating a plan for our patients that unless until proved otherwise every patient might have hair.

Our happy patients are the result of our successful work. With our professional doctor and committed team, we fully intend to focus on the betterment of you.

When hair roots are harvested from any part of the body other than scalp (head) example - chest, beard, back, limbs, abdomen, and pubic area and transplanted to the bald area of the head, it is known as body to head hair transplant. These hairs are not the first choice but selected when a patient has advanced baldness and hairs in the donor area of scalp and beard are not sufficient to cover the bald area. Growth rate and thickness are less in body hairs as compared to scalp hairs. Hairs from the body should be harvested with FUE technique and not with FUT because the later will leave a significant visible scar at the donor site.

As this procedure is completed the results are very promising, we are committed to making you look perfect. Providing you the best service and good care we aim to make you feel comfortable here at Bisoniya Hospital.

Follicular Unit Extraction - Mr. Shivam
Follicular Unit Extraction - Mr. Praveen
Follicular Unit Extraction - Mr. Prashant K.R