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Surgery in which the appearance of any part of the body is improved is Aesthetic or Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Bisoniya is a highly regarded, best cosmetic surgeons in Bhopal with chores of surgeries to his credit over the years. Explore the website to know more about our services.


Our Vision

A state of the art centre where all types of cosmetic surgeries are available under one roof, at affordable cost, individualized approach and with the best possible results. Board certified, experienced cosmetic surgeons, having up to date knowledge with patient’s wellbeing being their top priority. Well trained, qualified, committed, caring staff.


Hair Transplantation - Bisoniya Hospital

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Delivering the best healthcare solutions by constantly upgrading on services, medical knowledge and technology.

Hair Transplantation - Bisoniya Hospital

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To look beautiful/ handsome is the right of everyone and Bisoniya hospital is committed to helping everyone to achieve their right.

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Why should you select Bisoniya hospital for hair transplant ?

Before selecting a hospital for hair transplant you should know

  • Qualification of surgeon - Medical Council of India allows only two specialities to do hair transplant, Plastic surgeons and Dermatologists. Plastic surgeons are familiar with microsurgery and so they are more comfortable with hair transplant also.
  • Who is doing hair transplant - Important steps must be done by surgeon him/herself. For eg. - insertion of local anaesthesia, making recipient site (slits), harvesting follicular units. Surgeon can take the help of assistants in transplanting harvested hair roots (FU) in already made slits (recipient sites).
  • The facilities at centre - hair transplant is an operation and should be done in a well equipped operation theatre only, not at the clinic. Hospital must be equipped to deal with any emergency, if any arise.
  • Surgeon and Assistants should be well trained and experienced.
  • At Bisoniya Hospital, safety of the patients is the no. 1 priority.
  • All the important steps done by Dr. Bisoniya himself.
  • Surgeon and Assistants have vast experience of hair transplant.
  • Treatment is cost effective.