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Treatment of Hairfall

Treatment of excessive Hairfall

Medical treatment is prescribed to prevent hair fall. Treatment of hair fall that is not because of any disease or deficiency but due to androgenic alopecia or male or female pattern hair baldness is described here. Prior to start medical treatment, one must consult a doctor.

  • Minoxidil - is a vasodilator. Available in the form of lotion in 3 strengths 2%, 5%, and 10%. Applied locally over the scalp, 1 ml twice daily. it increases the blood supply of scalp and so nutrition to falling hairs.
  • Finasteride - it is 5alfa reductase inhibitor. That is required for conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, an active component of testosterone. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) acts on receptors present in the root of falling hairs and damages these roots. The usual dose is 1mg per day.
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) - it is prepared from the patient's own blood. 20-60 ml of patient's blood is taken to prepare 3-10ml of PRP. with the help of centrifuge machine PRP is separated from blood and separated PRP is injected in the part of the scalp with excessive hair loss. PRP acts by releasing multiple growth factors in the injected part of the scalp.

Hairfall Treatment

It is clear with the above description that all 3 medical options have a different mechanism of action. So when prescribed to use all 3 simultaneously, maximum benefit is achieved.