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1. What precautions should be taken before operation?

Smoking should be stopped at least 10days before operation. Do shampoo with betadine scrub night before and on the morning of operation. Have a full breakfast.

2. Is Hair Transplant painful?

Hair transplant is done under local anaesthesia. There is slight pain of needle prick, while giving local anaesthesia. Once anaesthesia is given there is no pain.

3. Is Hair transplant done at a stretch without breaks?

No, patient can take as many breaks as he/she wants. For eg. going to the toilet, taking meals/snacks, can watch movies or listen to music during operation.

4. How long it takes to do Hair Transplant?

It takes about 6 to 9 hours to do 2500 to 4000 follicular units transplant with FUE technique (including all breaks during operation).

5. Is there significant pain after effect of anaesthesia is over?

No, there is slight heaviness in head and in some cases slight pain (especially on the 1st night after operation) that is controlled with tablets.

6. What precautions should be taken after operation?

  • Transplanted area should be irrigated with normal saline (pour normal saline over transplanted hair) every 2 hourly between 6am to 11pm for at least 3days after hair transplant.
  • Avoid shower/head wash for 2 to 3 days after operation.
  • Avoid exposure to dust (can wear a cap to prevent it).
  • Can take shower 3 days after hair transplant but avoid shampoo/scrub for 10 days.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 3 weeks after operation.
  • After hair transplant, rest is not required. Patient can resume his/her office work from next day of operation.

7. How much time it takes to get good hair growth?

Usually hair growth starts 2 to 3 months after transplanting hair roots (follicular units). Then every month 10% new hair appears. By 6 months hair growth is appreciable and 60-70% hairs are visible. Maximum results are achieved by 10-11 months after operation.

8. Are transplanted hairs permanent?

Yes , transplanted hairs remain for life (as long as hairs are present in the donor area i.e., back and sides of head).

9. Is hair transplant very costly?

No, at Bisoniya Hospital it is very cost effective. Rs 25/FU or Rs 12/ hair + GST. May further consider for non affording/needy patients.